Human Metabolic Atlas

How to open map

Type name of map or map id begining with path:mapXXXXX in the pathway box and click open. For checkbox tree, below the open button, is a list of cell types. Users can choose from the list to show information from specific cell type before click the open button.
Users can also click on the pathway names in the map.

Map functions

  • Zoom in/out: Scroll botton using mouse/touch pad or pinch zoom on handheld
  • Show reaction information dialog: Click on lines or boxes
  • Link to KEGG compound: Click on circles
  • Open other map: Click on pathway names


Represent the number of genes existed in the map relyed on KEGG ortholog group for each cell type.

Dialog box

This box is shown when user click on reactions, usually represented as boxes. In the dialog box, there is information of the reaction, related genes, proteins and pathways taken from KEGG, also related tissue from HREED. Clicking on some texts will link directly to another database; ENSEMBL, UniProt, KEGG; for further information.

Color scheme

Boxes and lines are shaded in blue. Darker blue means that reaction exists in more tissue specific model than lighter. Yellow means that reaction does not exist in any tissue specific model. No color means that reaction does not exist in human based on information in KEGG map. Bluish green means that gene exists in corresponded tissue specific model.

Basic information


List of KOs and their existent in spcific tissue model.