Human Metabolic Atlas

INIT models of cancer cell

INIT models are automatically generated Genome-Scale Metabolic Models for different human cancers. The first version models (r1) were generated for 16 different human cancers [1]. In a study of clear cell renal carcinomas the INIT algorithm was used to generated revised models (r3) for 5 different cancers from Human Protein Atlas v11 data [3]. For each cell type there is also provide a link to the Human Protein Atlas that provides further description of the human cell type and associted protein expression.

Colorectal cancer r1 -
Breast cancer r1 r3
Prostate cancer r1 -
Ovarian cancer r1 -
Cervical cancer r1 -
Endometrial cancer r1 -
Carcinoid - -
Head and neck cancer r1 -
Thyroid cancer r1 -
Glioma - -
Lymphoma - -
Lung cancer r1 r3
Melanoma - -
Skin cancer r1 -
Testis cancer r1 -
Urothelial cancer r1 r3
Renal cancer r1 r3
Stomach cancer r1 -
Pancreatic cancer r1 -
Liver cancer r1 r3

Constrained Models

Download Constrained models from here. Please note this is for study under review.