Human Metabolic Atlas

Tissue-specific models

For using tissue models, please refer to Tissue-based map of the human proteome, Science, 347, 1260419.

Resolving the molecular details of proteome variation in the different tissues and organs of the human body will greatly increase our knowledge of human biology and disease. Here, we present a map of the human tissue proteome based on an integrated omics approach that involves quantitative transcriptomics at the tissue and organ level, combined with tissue microarray–based immunohistochemistry, to achieve spatial localization of proteins down to the single-cell level. Our tissue-based analysis detected more than 90% of the putative protein-coding genes. We used this approach to explore the human secretome, the membrane proteome, the druggable proteome, the cancer proteome, and the metabolic functions in 32 different tissues and organs. All the data are integrated in an interactive Web-based database that allows exploration of individual proteins, as well as navigation of global expression patterns, in all major tissues and organs in the human body.

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adipose adipose
adrenal gland adrenal gland
appendix appendix
bone marrow bone marrow
brain brain
colon colon
duodenum duodenum
endometrium endometrium
esophagus esophagus
fallopian tube fallopian tube
gallbladder gallbladder
heart_muscle heart_muscle
kidney kidney
liver liver
lung lung
lymph_node lymph_node
ovary ovary
pancreas pancreas
placenta placenta
prostate prostate
rectum rectum
salivary salivary
skeletal muscle skeletal muscle
skin skin
small intestine small intestine
smooth muscle smooth muscle
spleen spleen
stomach stomach
testis testis
thyroid gland thyroid gland
tonsil tonsil
urinary urinary